Ukuleleist, ATLien, and sometimes a person.

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Candasse (Candace Marie) was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1981. The youngest of four siblings, Candasse was always inspired by what her siblings were doing with ceramics, drawing and painting, fashion trends, and those sweet 80's dance moves. At an early age, she showed signs of creativity through drawings, dramatic storytelling, and singing. She never shied away from a spotlight, and if there wasn't one - she made one. It was clear she liked the attention, but mostly she loved the reaction - people smiling. She also begged her mom for this shirt. Like, really really begged. Thanks, mom.

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Somewhere in her early teen years, Candasse had gotten a bit quiet and less apt to draw attention to herself. By serendipity, Candasse signed up for a high school class called Musical Production Workshop. She thought, "Yes! I love singing, and maybe this is a class that will teach me how to produce music and get me inspired to finally learn an instrument."

She was wrong, sort of. She signed up for musical theatre, and, if not for a very kind stranger, she would have run for the hills. But she stayed and fell in love with the theatre, and in that time realized she truly loved the stage. 



In 2009, after a couple short stints in bands, Candasse was inspired by a fairly unknown YouTuber at the time named Julia Nunes. She saw Julia playing a ukulele and wanted one so badly. It took over a  year, but in 2010 she purchased a ukulele and has not put it down since. She began performing live shows 6 months into playing because she ached to be on a stage, even though she only knew 4 chords (they were the good chords, though, so it's fine). 

You can usually find Candasse on a stage or in a living room somewhere in Atlanta, crooning hilarious originals or ruining a Ben Folds song. In between that, she can be heard (and sometimes seen) with the comedy sketch team Fine China.